What’s so great about Schwartz?

“Trust is vital when you work with a consultant. Schwartz captures your trust from the moment you meet him.”

— Cornelia Olive, retired former editor, Outer Banks Sentinel, Sanford (N.C.) Herald


boosting_406“Schwartz has been a driving force for innovation and relevance in a time of change and upheaval in our industry. He does not waste energy on looking back unless it informs the future. In my opinion, there was no one better at running a college media organization. I would recommend him as my number one choice for consulting and advice on any issue relating to media operations. ”

— Chrissy Beck, general manager, The Chronicle, Duke University, Durham, N.C.


understanding_406“Schwartz is a creative leader who embraces innovation. Under his stewardship, The Daily Tar Heel reinvented its business practices, rolled out new products and consistently stayed at the forefront of a complicated and constantly changing environment, enabling the student journalists to consistently publish the best college paper in the country.”

— Jonathan D. Jones, executive director, N.C. Open Government Coalition, Elon, N.C.


Kevin Schwartz

“Before Kevin, there was no communication other than open animosity between the development community and local governments. I still can’t believe how it all changed. By the end, he had built a coalition of Realtors, homebuilders, retailers and elected officials who actually stood together as one stakeholder group to advance the community.”

— Duke Geraghty, President, Outer Banks Home Builders Association


boosting“Schwartz led the media training workshop of our Chamber’s leadership program for years. He’s our top choice because he’s savvy, knowledgeable about the past, and up-to-date and involved in current trends. Plus, he’s delightful to work with.”

— Meg Branson, senior vice president, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, Chapel Hill, N.C.